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4 Simple Steps to The Fountain of Youth

I'd be hard pressed to find one person who wouldn't do anything to look young forever... 

Ok, maybe "forever" is a long time...Here are a few simple steps we can do to prevent premature aging & keep our skin looking youthful and wrinkle free for as long as humanly possible:


  • Make sure to exfoliate your face & neck every night. This removes dead skin, helps blood circulation, & leaves room for new glowing skin to appear & reach the surface. 

  • Seriously ladies, moisturize every morning & night! As we age, our skin begins to produce less collagen, which eventually leads to wrinkles & aged skin. Moisturizing can help improve elasticity & contribute to your skin's much needed moisture.

  • Believe it or not, your mom was right... Drink that water! Freshly squeezed lemon water is fantastic as well. The added antioxidants contribute to your skin's health, flushing out toxins from your body, leading to radiant & glowing skin.

  • Apply sunscreen every morning. Do I sound like your dermatologist? Wee, you’ll thank me later, when you avoid premature age spots & skin aging.

Don’t forget to protect your lips, the thinnest skin in your body! Our lipsticks contain SPF to protect your lips. Try us out, your lips will love you for it!  



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