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Common Makeup Mistakes and How to Avoid Them!

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The first step in avoiding mistakes is awareness of what to look out for… In this post I’m gonna talk about some common beauty blunders and how to avoid them so you can look and feel your best!

 Not blending enough.

The purpose of makeup is to enhance your skin through added color and definition. Not only is choosing the correct colors important, but so is blending them well. In order to achieve the harmony that you’re going for, and get that natural looking effect, you’re going to want to make sure that your makeup is blended well. The last thing you want to see are two thick lines of contour powder where your cheekbones are supposed to be. If you’re gonna go for the contoured look, go for it! But whatever you do, don’t forget to blend it well so no one knows you got that extra assistance. Same goes for blush, we all want to see a beautiful natural flush, not as if someone painted two red circles on each of your apples. The secret? Blend, blend, blend!

Not moisturizing.

Moisturized skin is essential to keep your makeup on and last throughout the day. Make sure to always moisturize your skin before you apply your makeup to prevent your makeup from flaking off and fading throughout the day.

Too much foundation.

The goal of foundation is to make your face looks flawless and even, not cakey and plastered.  Make sure to apply just enough to achieve a smooth and even tone. Remember, when it comes to foundation, less is more!

Incorrect use of bronzer.

Bronzer is not made to be plastered across your entire face. Its purpose is to give you that natural sun- kissed look. Either use it for its contouring effect or take a brush and lightly brush it across the top of your forehead, over your cheekbones, and around your jaw line.

Don’t forget to blend it in!

Matching your makeup to your clothes.

Listen, if you want to match your makeup, go for it. Keep in mind, though, that sometimes matching your makeup to your clothes can look way overdone and end up in a beauty fail overkill.  When it comes to choosing your makeup for the day, favoring coordination over matching is the safe way to go. With regards to beauty, you want it to look effortless, not like you’re trying so hard….

Dramatizing both the eyes and the lips.

Unless your goal is to look like you just stepped out of a fashion magazine, or if you’re attempting to get that Avant Garde look, you probably want to avoid doing this. Better to choose either the eyes or the lips.

 Applying a single eyeshadow color to your entire eyelid (including eyebrow).

Once in a while I’ll come across someone who covers their entire eyelid with eyeshadow- sometimes it’s an understated nude shade, other times it’s a bright purple. Beauties, as much as this sounds very colorful, don’t do it. Seriously, don’t. When applying eyeshadow, always make sure to use a highlighter shade to enhance your brow bone. This gives your eye dimension, and actually flatters you. 

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