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A Lesson on Perseverance and Teenage Dreams with Goldie Felsenstein

Many of you know Goldie Felsenstein as a sought after and successful makeup artist who is a top choice for not only weddings and photoshoots all over the tristate area, but is also flown around the world for her talent and skill. Goldie spoke to me about the struggles of growing up feeling different from her friends who were in a two parent family, her passion for makeup as a child, attending makeup school as a 15 year old, achieving financial independence at age 16, and the unusual job she took to pay for her seminary education (Judaic studies post high school). Goldie also shared her drive for education and the effort it took for her to work to support herself through college. I’m so excited for you to hear her story of perseverance, dedication, and success mindset which enabled her to achieve what she has today.


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