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Beauty From Within with Rena Shamoon

Rena Shamoon is the Founder and CEO of Rochester Beauty bar in Rochester Hills, MI, and is well known in the beauty space as an influencer. I’ve known Rena for a few years now, and one of the reasons I wanted to have her on the podcast was to hear her perspective on beauty as a spa owner and how she incorporates loving yourself as you are with helping women with beauty treatments. Rena is the ultimate definition of beauty inside and out and left a legal career to grow her spa business rapidly, from a mission-based perspective. During this interview, Rena shared how she felt insecure about her middle eastern looks growing up and how she tried to change it but ultimately, what brought her to love her ethnic genes. Rena shared the moments she feels the most beautiful and how going through things made her stronger and is one of the best ways for us to grow. We spoke about how no one’s life is perfect and how to embrace your self-image, no matter where you come from or how different you may feel from those around you.




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