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Born Blind in a Visual World with Kamille Richardson

I’m so excited for tonight’s podcast featuring Kamille Richardson. Although Kamille faced the challenge of being blind from birth, it never deterred her from accomplishing her goals and living a fulfilling and rich life. Kamille grew up with the mentality of “I can do anything,” and this is the mindset that she passes on to her clients who have recently become blind and who come to her for help on navigating their way around their newfound reality, particularly the digital world and using their phones to connect with their external environment. I am excited for you to hear Kamille’s story of what it was like for her growing up blind in a world where most people can see, how she dealt with the challenges that came her way, the messages she wants people to hear, and be inspired by her story. I asked her questions that we all want to ask and Kamille was so gracious and patient and answered all my questions so eloquently and thoroughly. I learned a lot from Kamille and her perspective of living life as someone who has been blind since birth, and I can’t wait for you to hear her story, learn a lot, and be inspired.

Instagram: @kamillealia

FB: Kamille Richardson


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