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Crafting Character: The Secret of Life’s Success with Danielle LaBriola

Tonight’s podcast features Danielle LaBiola who started off her career as a lawyer and now runs a business with her 11 year old twin children which focuses on creating and inspiring kindness and happiness, starting from a young age. Danielle joins me tonight to share her journey of choosing law as her career, and why she chose to conduct herself in certain ways contrary to the stereotypical lawyer persona. Danielle speaks about the importance of staying true to yourself and who you are in any profession, disregarding what you’re supposed to do or be and being authentic to yourself and embracing your gifts. She also shared the story of her passion, her business called “crafting character,” the foundation of the secret of life’s success, her journey in creating kindness, happiness, and positive character traits in her children, and the importance of including one’s children, and bringing them along in your business…We also spoke about how being an imperfect parent is actually the perfect parenting style… and more! This was such an interesting conversation and I can’t wait for you to listen in and feel empowered!


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