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Ending Endo with Vanity Fair Journalist Diana Falzone

I’m so excited to launch our first podcast episode with Diana Falzone. You may have heard of her from her days as a journalist on Fox News or seen her articles in Vanity Fair.  From the time she graduated college and began working, Diana has fought against gender discrimination to support ALL women. After discovering and being diagnosed with Endometriosis (a condition resulting from the appearance of endometrial tissue outside the uterus and causing pelvic pain) after 22 years of suffering with no diagnosis, Diana joined the advisory board of the Endo Foundation and continues to do all she can to spread awareness and education of the disease.

Diana unfortunately signed an NDA with Fox News after she left, so she wasn’t able to talk about her experience with gender discrimination while at Fox News with me. However as a public figure, information can be easily found online. My Google results showed that after Diana made the brave decision to go public with her Endometriosis diagnosis on the Fox News Website, she suffered gender and disability discrimination, and was banned from taking part in on-air activities at Fox News 3 days after the article was published. Her attorneys argued that the revelation regarding Falzone's infertility, "detracted from her sex appeal and made her less desirable" in the eyes of the "male-dominated senior management of Fox News.”

Diana and I had an informative and interesting conversation about how she ended up in journalism after majoring in psychology; her experience of living with Endo for 22 years before receiving a diagnosis (and how it usually takes women 10 years before receiving a diagnosis); her experience of living with Endo on a daily basis; finally receiving validation for her pain; and finally, what we can do to support our friends and family who are suffering with this disease.

You can find Diana on Twitter and Instagram: @dianafalzone 

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