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Elevating Empathy with Inspirational Mindset Mom Sylvia Farbstein

Sylvia Farbstein is the inspirational mom behind the Brandon Farbstein name, an inspiring mindset and empathy leader who was diagnosed with a rare form of dwarfism. Growing up, Sylvia never dreamed she’d end up as a parent to a child with special needs. When life proved to have other plans, Sylvia and her husband stepped up to the plate. They became Brandon’s cheerleaders, helping to encourage him, and turn the challenge of his skeletal condition into a blessing, his very own superpower. Sylvia shared with me how she and Brandon chose personal growth, along with positive mindsets and meaningful living, to inspire and empower millions of people worldwide. They chose to focus on Brandon’s inner power and talents, neither of which are confined or defined by limitations, perceived or otherwise. I’m so excited for you to hear Sylvia’s story and journey with her amazing son who has overcome (some of the most) difficult challenges, yet has faced them with positivity and growth.

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