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Fueling Your Inner Desire with Founder and CEO Natalie Mills

Natalie Mills is the CEO of Natalie Mills Jewelry and Accessories fashion brand, celebrity stylist, and South African immigrant living the American Dream. During this episode, Natalie shared her journey and how her childhood impacted her entrepreneurial career. She also shared the important question to ask yourself as an adult, how to let your childhood self-help guide you and make choices to grow. Natalie also spoke about the American dream and how she built up her brand from the bottom up. She shared challenges she’s been through and still goes through daily. Natalie spoke about how the desire you have within will drive you past the times you want to give up and shared super helpful tips to grow in your career or entrepreneurial journey. She spoke about utilizing your time to the utmost, how vision boards impacted her life, how to use manifestation to achieve your goals, and how it’s essential to take care of ourselves and listen to our inner thoughts to spring back up and succeed. This episode is truly packed with valuable content, and I can’t wait for you to learn a lot and be inspired.


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