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Growing An Empire with Galit Winer

Galit Winer is the owner and inspiration behind the Kidichic and Udel brands. Kidichic is most known for its affordable and stylish children’s clothing at modest prices for all. Galit started Udel because as her daughters got older, she realized there was a lack in the market for affordable clothing for teenagers and young adults. Galit shared her journey with fashion from a young age. How she grew from being a non-believer in taking on Kidichic to developing it into a huge and successful operation it is today with over 30 retail locations in Israel and 12 locations in the US. She spoke about where she got her fashion sense from and offered great advice on raising girls with a healthy body image, who feel beautiful and confident in their skin, the evolution of her brand’s growth, and how she works to stay joyful. She also offered great advice for business owners and social media users and tangible ideas and mindset shifts to implement today.




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