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Head and Heart Aligned with Manifesting Coach Heidi Baker

Today’s episode features my friend Heidi Baker who shares her journey of growing up, moving to Paris alone at age 19, and how she became a manifesting coach, helping others achieve their dreams through manifestation.

As you’ll hear during this episode, over a decade ago, Heidi and her husband founded a company which was valued at 48 million. Their company generated interest from huge corporations including Home Depot, Lowe's, and Target. Two weeks before they were supposed to finalize a huge investment deal, the investing company changed their mind, and pulled out the funding. As you’ll hear Heidi talk about during this interview, It was the most difficult thing she had been through in her entire life.

Heidi shares how she got through this extremely difficult time, and offers advice to others who are going through challenging times as well. Heidi talks about the concept of head and heart alignment, and how things show up for us, not to us. Heidi breaks down the misconceptions people have regarding manifesting. She shares how we’re always manifesting whether we’re trying to or not, and how she works with her clients to manifest and achieve their dreams. She also spoke about how we’re all empathic beings, how we feel others intentions, and energy, and the importance of tuning in to the energy you bring to your marketing, and life in general. We ended off the interview with Heidi offering advice on ways to manifest things, shift your world with simple shifts, how to get clear on what you truly want so you can get what you want out of life. I’m so excited for you to listen to this episode, it’s seriously packed with so much valuable information and ideas to implement immediately!

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