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Healing After Tragedy with Influencer Malkie Gordon - Hirsch

Tonight’s interview is with Influencer and Cooking Blogger Malkie Gordon - Hirsch who experienced a tremendous and shocking tragedy when her husband suddenly and unexpectedly passed away one day while at work. Malkie chose to make meaning out of this tragedy and utilizes her experience to inspire and help others. During this interview, Malkie shares her story and speaks about her journey of working through the shock, pain, and range of emotions that encompassed this tragic event. She spoke about the importance and power we have in choosing our reactions to situations. Even though we might not have the power to determine what happens to us, we can still choose how we deal with the circumstances we’re given. Malkie also offers advice on how to be there for your friends and family when they’ve suffered through loss, as well as the importance of feeling your feelings. She also mentions how she’s thankful that she experienced and worked through her emotions, even with the depth of pain they brought. Malkie shares how this experience helped her become the woman she is today, and how she’s found her uniqueness and become a better person because of what life has thrown her way. I’m so excited for you to hear this episode, it was so raw, real, and I know you’re going to leave feeling tremendously inspired, just as I was, after speaking with Malkie.


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