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How Chanie Wassner Became Pharmie In The City and Smashed Societal Expectations

We often look at positive, successful people and assume that they’re happy and successful because it was given to them, and easy. We sometimes forget that often it’s because they set on a goal, worked hard, and didn’t give up. Chanie Wassner is a successful clinical pharmacist who has stayed positive, and continues to spread happiness and positivity, non-withstanding some serious challenges and losses on her journey. Chanie shared with me how, while working full time, putting herself through school, and having the sole burden of student loans, her hard work, dedication, and devotion helped her overcome her losses and future challenges. We also spoke about Chanie’s perspective and thoughts on the challenge  of single women to maintain feelings of worthiness as in a society that values and emphasizes marriage. Chanie advocates how having a purpose unrelated to relationship status is vital to women’s feelings of self worth. Listen in and be inspired.


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