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I Am Enough with Alyssa Goldwater

Alyssa Goldwater, ultra-orthodox Jewish influencer, plus size style and advocate, and type 1 diabetic mom, joins me in this episode. Alyssa talks about how she grew from being insecure and having low confidence as a child to becoming the confident woman she is today. Alyssa shares her journey with a binge eating disorder and the misconceptions people have about eating disorders. Alyssa shares how she learned that she has an eating disorder, why she decided to go to an eating disorder treatment program, how she learned to love her body, and shares some information that she’s never shared before. Alyssa talks about her experience as the recipient of hate comments, especially regarding her posting asking for seatbelt extenders on airplanes and why she wants to break the stigma of how someone’s size is misconceived to be synonymous with their health.

Instagram/Tik Tok: @alyssagoldwater


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