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Invisible Struggles with Journalist Casey Clark

 Casey Clark is a freelance writer from New York City who specializes in beauty, food, lifestyle, and mental health content. Her work has been featured in allure, bustle, Forbes, Huffington post, and more! 

During this interview, Casey shares how she found writing as an expression of herself and why she chose writing and being a journalist as her career. She talks about discovering that she struggled with depression and anxiety and how she brings her mental health journey to the internet in a way that she's comfortable with. She shares how it felt to release something so personal when she wrote about her grandfather and why she shares her journey with her mental health struggles in her articles. Casey shares how she inspires herself on the days she struggles with her mental health and how she navigates the days she has depressive episodes. Casey talks about coming to terms with her imperfections, her experience with Trichotillomania, a disorder that causes a person to pull out their hair, and how that affects her as a beauty writer without eyelashes. She also offers advice for those who see their loved ones struggling with depression and discusses different ways depression can look from the outside. 



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