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It’s All in the Mind with Maayan Davis

Tonight’s interview features Maayan Davis, a choreographer, dancer, motivator, and influencer. Maayan shared with me how she wasn’t always this way. Maayan also spoke about when she first realized how she could express herself through dance and movement and recognized the power of her body. Maayan shared her view on body confidence, how she learned to love parts of her body that she was self-conscious about in the past and how she works to raise her daughters to love their bodies. We spoke about how imperfections make us beautiful. We tend to notice our imperfections that no one else sees, and how Maayan’s best friend of 30 years never noticed something that she was self-conscious of for decades; until Maayan literally pointed it out to her! Maayan and I also bonded over our gummy smiles and spoke about being self-conscious about that feature and how our uniqueness is really what makes us beautiful! Maayan spoke about how she encourages her dance students to love their different parts and how self-talk helped her come to a place of body confidence and self-love. Maayan also shared how it took her a while to get used to talking on Instagram without anxiety and how we see the results but not the process it takes to get there! I am so excited for you to hear this episode. 



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