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Listen To Your Heart with Hala Taha

Tonight’s interview features Hala Taha, the host of the Young and Profiting podcast, the CEO of YAP media, and one of the biggest influencers on LinkedIn. During this discussion, Hala shares the flow of her entrepreneurial journey and successes, paved with rejections and struggles. She talks about when things shifted, leaving her corporate job to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams full time. Hala talks about how the rejections in her life paved the way for her current success and how she lost relationships along her journey. Hala spoke about how she could continue pursuing her dreams even though so many people around her were trying to discourage her and shared advice for women trying to pursue their dreams and getting discouraged. We spoke about how it’s important to celebrate your career and accomplishments as a woman, even when it’s not about getting married and having babies. Hala shared how being a woman of color impacted her success and how discrimination and standing on the sidelines as a young ethnic girl gave her this extra drive and motivation to be successful. I was so impressed with how Hala spoke about the idea of competition and how she helps her competition outgrow her sometimes.

Podcast: Young and Profiting with Hala Taha



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