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Love, Loss, & Letting Go with Author, Blogger, & Podcast Host Dara Kurtz

Tonight’s interview is with my inspiring friend Dara Kurtz. After being diagnosed with breast cancer at at 42, Dara left her successful career as a personal banker and financial advisor to focus on writing, podcasting, and her blog Crazy Perfect Life. During this interview we spoke about Dara’s most recent book, “I Am My Mother’s Daughter,” where she shares her story and experiences regarding her relationships, and lessons of life, particularly the close relationship she had with her own mother, who passed away from cancer when she was 28 and pregnant with her oldest daughter, as well as the beautiful relationship she now shares with her daughters. We spoke about the life lessons Dara’s scare with cancer taught her, true success in life, and how to let go of perfectionism and guilt. Dara’s story is sure to inspire you, help you let go of pain and loss, and strengthen the bonds and relationships in your life.