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Love Your Gut with Jaclyn Renee

Jaclyn Renee is a Holistic Health Coach, Digestion Specialist, and Wellness Influencer. Jaclyn received her certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. She assists her clients in their gut-healing journey using food and self-care as their medicine.

Jaclyn is no stranger to digestive issues. She struggled as a child and through her teens with IBS and crippling anxiety until she was introduced to Holistic Medicine at age 20. Jaclyn immersed herself in the lifestyle, researching different protocols and products, and within time, she healed her gut and cleared her anxiety for good. She now applies these techniques to her client programs and has helped hundreds of people get their digestive health back on track.

During this interview, Jaclyn shared how she was constantly sick as a child and how she started her healing journey as an adult. She spoke about why she left her successful career in the beauty industry to help women heal their gut, why gut health is so important, and how it affects our mental and physical health. Jaclyn shared what she does to help her body on flare-up gut days and the moments eating healthy and taking supplements won’t help, and what to do instead. Jaclyn offered advice on what you can do to start working on your gut health to feel and look your best and how she approaches and processes grief and other heavy emotions.

Instagram: @jaclynreneewellness

Tik Tok: @jaclynrenee_wellness


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