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Navigating the Journey of Life with Aliza Shapiro, LCSW

Aliza Shapiro, LCSW, is the Founder and therapist of Aliza shares how her sensitivity as a child contributed to her work as a therapist today. She talks about what motivated her to become a therapist, but before that, why she swore that she would never become a therapist in High school. She shares her mental health journey, why she often talks about anxiety on her page, and how she deals with anxiety in her personal life. She talks about letting go of control in our lives and her take on manifestation. She shares the difference between helping her friends with their problems versus helping clients. Aliza also shares how she establishes trust with her clients and how trust is essential to living a more meaningful life, navigating anxiety in our everyday lives and relationships, the difference between daily anxiety and clinical anxiety, and the benefits of accepting what you’re struggling with. 



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