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On Camera Confidence with Sirlene Saldivar

Sirlene Saldivar is a TV producer, host, and on-air talent. Shirlene shares her journey from childhood to moving to the US. She talks about the power of our words, how our words create our reality and how she dreamed of being a tv host since she was five. Shirlene shares how conducting 20 interviews a week helped train her to be in front of the camera and how being in front of the camera takes a lot of confidence and self-work. She shares how she learned to see the value and beauty in herself even during the moments she was not feeling beautiful and how she uses her natural ability to see the good in other people as a way to reflect her self-love. We spoke about how we all have something beautiful, and sometimes the work is about discovering and focusing on the beauty already there. Shirlene shares how she utilizes affirmations to encourage and remind herself of her worth every morning and discusses the moments she feels most comfortable in her skin and why her inner circle is so small.

Shirlene shares common themes and insecurities she saw during her interviews with celebrities and some of the most beautiful people on TV. You’ll get to hear how her persistence and putting herself out there got her her first tv job and advice on how you can accomplish your dreams.



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