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On Using Her Voice with Performer & Producer Dana Nicole Anderson

Tonight's interview is with Dana Anderson, a performer, and creator whose work spans on camera, stage, voiceover, music. She's appeared in major network shows, commercials, is a published author, and more. During this interview, Dana shares her story and mission in creating her media and talent relations agency Concrete Runway. She shares helpful mindset tips and talks about how regret, shame, and guilt keep you stuck in your past. Dana talks about imposter syndrome and how we're here to share our abundance and leave a legacy. She expounds on how she infused her arts background with advocacy and shares challenges and awkward situations she's faced as a black woman. We had an honest and raw conversation about people being ignorant of topics relating to black people and how we can all tune in and be open to understanding each other. We spoke about unconscious bias and the idea of creating dialogue around change and healing humanity as a society. Dana also talked about how self-care looks different to each of us and the importance of taking the time to ground yourself and give yourself what you need. Dana is making a huge difference and using her voice to advocate for women of color and educate others, and I am so grateful to her for coming on the show. Listen in and be inspired.


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