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Outside Inside with Rachel Goodman

When people hear about dietitians, they often associate them with food, which makes sense, but the truth is that our way of eating often stems from our relationship with our bodies and body image. During this interview with dietician Rachel Goodman, she gets deep into her own story, her journey with food. We discussed how as we get older, our true selves start to dim, and part of the process in life is getting back to our childhood selves. Rachel shares why she decided to become a dietician and her earliest memory of struggling with her body image. It’s interesting how we think that professionals have it all together when it comes to the industry that they’re serving, but as you’ll soon hear, there was a time when Rachel struggled with imposter syndrome and binge eating. Rachel shared why diets didn’t work long-term and spoke about what inspired her to delve into intuitive eating. I also asked Rachel how we can figure out if a normalized behavior is, in fact, disordered eating, so she offered some great advice on that as well.



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