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Own your superpowers with Beatie Deutsch

Beatie Deutsch is a wife, mother, and Israeli national champion in the marathon and half marathon who is currently chasing the Olympian dream. During this interview, Beatie shares why she chose running as her means of exercise and how when she first started running, she had no plans of becoming a professional runner. Beatie shares her story of how she became a professional athlete and owns her uniqueness, being proud of who she is, including running in a skirt during marathons. She spoke about how she balances putting herself out there in a way that feels comfortable to her in a world of self-promotion. Beatie shared her priorities and talked about how living in the public eye has affected her, how she encourages herself on the days she doesn’t feel great with her performance, and why she shares the hard days on social. Beatie spoke about involving her kids in her running career and why she makes sure not to compare herself to others. Beatie spoke about the times in her life when she’s struggled with unhealthy behaviors and her perspective on getting the help she needs to be her best self.



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