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Perfectly Imperfect with Singer-Songwriter Nechama Cohen

Today’s episode features Nechama Cohen, singer, songwriter, performer, and life coach. Nechama shares her journey of what inspired her to become a singer, how she channeled her sensitivity and creativity growing up, and how music saved her and was her anchor. Nechama also spoke about how we’re all human and multifaceted and how her music only reflects a part of her. She also shares why she decided to become a life coach and how it brings the sense of connection she cultivates with her audience to a deeper level. Nechama also spoke about what inspired her to work on her self-love and how living in the public eye has contributed to her work on her self-worth. She also shared some tangible ideas on how to stop being self-conscious and love yourself as you are despite your imperfections. We also discussed how it’s so important to get out of our heads and return to our core confidence and self-love. You’re the only one who experiences the results of what you do or don’t do, and how believe it or not, Kim Kardashian is an excellent example of that. We also spoke about how everyone is fighting for more visibility these days and her journey and mindset regarding her visibility and the idea of comparison.


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