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Skinny Shaming with Zeya Rosenbloom

Zeya Rosenbloom is a mom, wife, comedian, and influencer. Zeya shares her story of being raised as a daughter of immigrants, how she evolved into who she is today, coming out of her shell & growing her confidence. She spoke about how she got into comedy and works to present more difficult topics in a comedic format. Zeya also shares her experience being the recipient of skinny shaming starting in high school and the messages she received and internalized as she developed. We spoke about why you shouldn't comment on people's weight, no matter how thin or overweight you might think they are, and how size is a sensitive topic for many women, even those who are skinny. Zeya shared practical advice for women and girls going through similar experiences and how to help build inner confidence. We spoke about making assumptions about people's bodies and the idea of empathy and awareness regarding difficult topics. Zeya also spoke about the toxic mentality of parents often putting pressure on their children to lose weight, recognizing our uniqueness, and more! I can't wait for you to hear this other side of Zeya and be inspired.



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