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Spotlighting Epilepsy with Speaker, Author, and Brain Health Coach Angela Sette

Tonight’s interview is with Angela Sette, who worked to overcome her childhood fears of being in the spotlight, eventually becoming her own child’s advocate when her daughter was diagnosed with ESES, a rare form of Epilepsy that doesn’t allow a person to sleep. Angela uses her painful and challenging journey as a way to create change in the world. With her personal experience and knowledge and years of research of the brain, Angela works as a brain health empowerment coach, as well as through her book, “Opening Our Minds To Our Brains’ Potential: Are We Our Our Childrens Teachers Or Are They Ours?” A book about the transformational approach to life, when we keep our minds open to the teachers that present themselves in our lives, especially our children.

During our conversation, Angela Angela shares how her daughter’s condition affected the rest of the family, how her other children developed and expressed empathy for each other…None of which will surprise you, because when you hear her story, and how she felt and advocated for her daughter, you’ll understand exactly where the empathy stems from.

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