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The Glam Life with Kendrah Saad

Kendrah Saad is a model and talented marketer who creates engaging and strategic online content to grow businesses. I’m so excited for you to hear her share her journey with modeling as a black woman and the struggles and challenges she’s had to work through regarding being a woman of color in the industry. Kendy offers excellent advice for bringing up confident daughters who have a healthy sense of self-worth, especially as women of color. Kendy talks about when she first became aware of her body and body image and how she felt growing up as the tallest kid in the class. Kendy is constantly booked with modeling gigs and has a large social media following which is growing daily. She talks about her mindset when dealing with haters and her outlook on generating opportunities during the times that society may not offer them to you. Kendy also brings up a great lesson of embracing your age and stage in life, how you’re never too old. I was curious about how people respond to Kendy and her husband as an interracial couple, with Kendy being married to a guy who is white, so it was interesting to hear her perspective on that. We spoke about how to feel comfortable in situations where you feel self-conscious and her advice for girls who feel different.




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