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The Inside Story with Journalist Diana Falzone

Diana Falzone is a journalist and contributing editor for the daily beast. Her work has been seen in vanity fair, Buzzfeed, and she is a former reporter for FOX news, former host of Maxim magazines, and SiriusXM. During this conversation, Diana shared how she didn’t fit in as a child, how she dealt with being bullied as a teenager and was a social outlier growing up, and how this caused her to look inward to find peace. Diana shared how her childhood affected her career and how she views her journalist role to help bring forth positive change. Diana also spoke about how her parents influenced her view of beauty and how we live in an edited reality. She offered tangible advice on what to do when you don’t feel beautiful. She shared how her endometriosis diagnosis brought up questions and feelings and impacted how she felt about her body. Diana also spoke about what unconditional self-love looks like for her daily.


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