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The Power Within with Business Strategist and Personal Mentor Simona Ksoll

Simona Ksoll grew up in Austria with her mother and step-father and consciously chose to take responsibility for her own her life at the young age of 17, leaving an abusive environment, and bringing her father to court to direct the child support to her. Simona eventually moved to California and established her own life in LA as a successful marketing executive for SONY. A few months after a retreat in Mexico when she listened to her own intuition and calling, she left her cushiony job and moved to Mexico as a life coach, focusing on making her clients dreams a reality. Simona shares her journey, what prompted her life changing decisions, how she worked through her traumatic childhood along with the lessons she learned, the importance of taking ownership over your own feelings and emotions, and how living a fulfilling and meaningful life can be attainable for anyone.


Simona Ksoll is a Business Strategist & Personal Mentor to Entrepreneurs and Creatives guiding them to make their big inner vision their reality. A former global marketing executive at Sony Pictures, Simona supports her clients with subconscious belief change, neuro-scientific re-patterning, teaching Universal Success Principles, and developing an individual business, lifestyle, or team-building strategy that allows them to confidently step into their next chapter.