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The Real Deal with Influencer & Mom Blogger Alyssa Goldwater

Alyssa Goldwater is the mom blogger behind, and over the past few years has built up a large following of close to 60 thousand on Instagram. Alyssa joined me today to share her story and talk about the messages she works to convey every day on her platform. Alyssa shared her journey of working through mental health challenges, and spoke about the importance of breaking the stigma of mental health, as well as the importance of feeling understood, and knowing you’re not alone in whatever challenge you’re working through. She shared her social media boundaries, especially now as her kids grow older, and why she chose to share about son’s recent diabetes diagnosis. Alyssa spoke about losing her mother at a young age, how family always comes first, and the pros and cons of being a public figure. We seriously packed so much into this episode and I can’t for you to hear Alyssa’s story and some behind the scenes of her struggles and victories!

*Trigger warning, we spoke about mental health and touched on self-harm.*


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