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The Road to Recovery with Eating Disorder Recovery Psychologist Dr. Colleen Reichmann

Tonight’s interview features Dr. Colleen Reichmann, a psychologist who specializes in eating disorder recovery. During this interview, Colleen shared her journey, struggle, and recovery from an eating disorder and why she decided later on, as a therapist, to specialize in treating people with eating disorders. Colleen offered advice for people who suspect that their loved ones may be struggling with an eating disorder, signs to be aware of and look out for. Colleen also spoke about the importance of educating our young girls at an early age about eating disorders, what she would respond to principals who don’t want to expose their students to the idea of eating disorders because they’re afraid of putting ideas into their heads. Colleen shared what she would tell people who can’t empathize with someone who has an eating disorder to be more sympathetic and try to understand the struggle. She also shared her Instagram boundaries, spoke about her book, and shared what she wishes the next generation of women won’t have to struggle with. I’m so excited for you to hear this episode. I know that you’re going to learn a lot and be inspired.

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