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The Road to Recovery with Eating Disorder Survivor, PCOS & Hypothyroidism Advocate Danielle Hazlett

Danielle Hazlett joins me tonight to share her story of surviving a serious eating disorder, living with PCOS, Hypothyroidism, & the challenges and victories she’s had along the way. During this episode, she talks about the pressures of growing up looking different than her peers, & how it negatively affected her confidence. She also spoke about her years as a competitive athlete, a father who was an alcoholic, how her eating disorder developed, as well as her road to recovery. Danielle also shared how it took her many years to get diagnosed with PCOS & then Hypothyroidism, & how important it is for women to be our own advocates when it comes to our health & wellness. Danielle shared advice for women who suffer with PCOS as well as healing methods that have helped her & many others in their journeys to feeling better & fighting this syndrome. She also spoke about how you can offer support & be there for your friends & family who suffer with PCOS, & shared encouragement in how there is hope for recovery when it comes to eating disorders, as well as keeping PCOS symptoms under control. I can’t wait for your to hear this episode, I know that you’re definitely going to learn a lot from Danielle’s story & be inspired.


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