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The Struggle is Real with Influencer & Mental Health Advocate Bari Mitzmann

Bari Mitzmann is a modest fashion blogger turned mental health advocate, & now a self-proclaimed doer of all things, including social media consulting. Bari shared the evolution of her journey & how she became a mental health advocate who shares vulnerable parts & struggles in her life. Bari spoke about the behind-the-scenes of social media, expectations from followers, the importance of boundaries, & where she draws the line between sharing & keeping things private. Bari also shared her journey with Peri- Partum depression, a condition which many people are not familiar with, & how she got through this challenging time. Bari also shared why she decided to share some of her most vulnerable moments on her platform & how she decides which parts to share & which to keep private.

Bari also shared some helpful advice for how to support friends & family members who are going through challenging times.

I can’t wait for you to listen to this real, raw, & inspiring episode!



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