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Turning Pain into Power with Spiritual Empowerment Coach Danielle Ingenito

Danielle Ingenito is a certified spiritual empowerment coach and intuitive reiki master healer, who suffered from a devastating divorce after a toxic marriage to a narcissist.

During this interview, Danielle shares her journey of healing, to wholeheartedly accepting herself as she is, and now as she helps women heal from narcissistic relationships. She shares her experience being married to a narcissist, and the importance of awareness and tuning into what’s happening to take ownership of our lives and heal.

She speaks about breaking the generational cycle, how she took ownership and ended the cycle of toxic marriages that generations before her had paved, and shares her journey from working as a certified public accountant to utilizing energy modalities to help heal her clients. Danielle discusses her new book “It’s Not You, It’s Your Energy” and how she realized that energy is a science, and an important healing tool.

Danielle has learned to turn her pain into power and now helps other women do the same. I’m so excited for you to hear this episode! We delved deep into her story and the topic of narcissistic relationships here, I can’t wait for you to learn and be inspired.

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