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Unlock Your Superpowers with Internet Mogul Loren Ridinger

Today’s episode features Loren Ridinger who is the the powerhouse business mogul, internet leader and senior executive vice president of internet retailing giants, and Loren is also a fashion blogger, beauty and business expert, and internet leader. Loren is a role model for myself and so many other women on how to run successful business with your heart and soul, while making family and friends a priority. Loren joins me today to share her story, as well as offer advice and life lessons she’s learned along her journey.

Loren shares the story of how she and her husband JR Ridinger, launched a billion dollar empire with neither of them coming from a financially affluent background, just a visionary outlook, mindset, faith, and perseverance. During this episode, Loren talks about the importance of believing in yourself and and of surrounding yourself with people who support and believe in you. Loren also offers advice and valuable advice regarding building a business, and gets into the nitty gritty and not so glamorous aspects of business building. She and her husband believed in themselves, and with the help of family and close friends, who at the time all moved in with them and worked alongside them, built a huge company from ground zero. Loren also shares her the importance of a positive mindset, saying no, building relationships, supporting other women, and valuable advice for female entrepreneurs.


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