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You Are Enough with Find Your Fabulosity Founder Sheryl Kurland

I first discovered Sheryl Kurland when an article about her popped up in my news feed. I became a fan immediately & wanted to learn more about her non-profit organization “Find your Fabulosity,” where she donates lipsticks to women who are victims of domestic violence. During this interview. Sheryl shares how her organization began from speaking engagements with college students, how she spread awareness & took it from a nonexistent organization, to giving out one million dollar’s worth of lipsticks to women who have suffered from domestic violence. Sheryl talks about how her organization mainly gives to shelters to give out to the women & also the way they discreetly give to women who are stuck at home with their abusers. As someone who has a lot of experience with women who have been victims of domestic violence, Sheryl shares advice for others on teaching girls from a young age on feeling enough, & cultivating the confidence to hopefully prevent violence from their futures.



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